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Who We Are

X-Static Media Group helps companies solve business problems with highly effective and impactful websites, professionally developed in Drupal and other powerful technologies.

While the quality of our work is extremely important to us, we put just as much priority on the experience that our customers have with us. We are committed to advancing our customer service skills equal to the advancement of our technology skills and believe that is why the companies we partner with consider us a pleasure to do business with.

Our particular experience in the real estate, hospitality, music and entertainment industries are very extensive however we are more than capable of helping organizations in many other business spaces as well.

The X-Static brand extends much further than just digital media. However, in every single company under the X-Static flag, the brand message remains the same no matter what the industry.

The name and meaning(s) of our brand comes from both an emotion and a mindset. First off, the word "ecstatic" is used to convey a very positive feeling or emotion however the word is not used quite as often as "happy" or "excited", so when it is used, it has a powerful delivery. Secondly, and also why we spell it the way we do, is a mindset and ultimately the goal we have throughout the company. The "X" (or "ex") stands for "no longer" and the "static" means "unchanged" or "not moving". So, that all translates to having a mindset of not standing still and not settling for status quo and is a mindset of innovation and general betterment. These are the emotions and mindsets that Founder Marty True had when the name came to him in 2003 as he was looking to rebrand the company he started in 2000, to something more appropriate for what he and the company stood for.

So, all that said... we would like to extend our ever so famous "brand challenge" to you. Since we've pointed out that the word "ecstatic" is not used in every day conversation and when it is used, it normally has a powerful delivery... We challenge that whenever you hear someone use the word "ecstatic", you are going to immediately think of us! And when you do... feel free to tweet about it, using #XStaticBrand

X-Static Media Group was founded in 2000, as a custom web design company, by Marty True. Back then the term "web design" covered everything from design to fully functional website and many times, a client's website was designed and developed by a single person.

The company has gone through several iterations, from being a small company with just a couple employees to a larger version and then in 2013 went through a restructuring that moved the company to North Florida.

Fast forward to 2016 and another iteration has led it to now being a 100% distributed company, catering predominently to medium to large organizations. The current team at XMG ranges from having small business to enterprise-level capabilities, in web/mobile development and digital strategy. While the regional locations include Jacksonville, Miami and Las Vegas, X-Static Media Group works with amazing clients all over the world.

First and foremost, our number one goal and the reason we're in business is because we desire to and believe that we can add value to your business, through our skills, experience and amazing team members. More than just a cool name, we truly are ecstatic about partnering with companies and helping them solve their business problems through the technology that we develop.

Our partners choose us because we deliver best-in-class web and mobile applications, digital marketing technologies and complete digital strategies. We provide high value solutions that drive business growth for the companies we partner with. We serve as an agency partner by aligning digital strategy with execution and working in tandem with your in-house teams or as an independent department. By nurturing a highly collaborative environment, our design and development teams, rapidly prototype concepts for innovative and effective solutions.

Our team is comprised of passionate and professional people that love all things digital. They are bridged together through effective communication technologies and agile project management methodologies, allowing our partners to tap into an iterative process with a guaranteed commitment to quality and support for their projects and initiatives.

Our innovative business model connects the companies and agencies that we partner with, to an ecosystem of infinite value. Therein lies the power of our new distributed but connected teams, defined by "digital bridges" that we've established through our development processes, which enables us to utilize a "follow-the-sun" model when necessary. This project hand-off concept enables us to go from idea to deployment in a much shorter time table than other agencies.

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Web Development

We love to partner with our clients to design and build solutions that translate to success for their business and their customers! 

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Mobile Development

Our mobile competency covers iOS, Android and Windows Phone, across different industries, using both native and hybrid technologies.

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Digital Strategy

Improve website visibility, brand position. sales and user experience with a complete and comprehensive digital strategy

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