X-Static Media Group is a digital marketing consultancy with locations in Miami Beach, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Founded in 2000 and rooted in digital, we bring not just additional skill sets but complete value sets, to our clients.

We are an integrated agency, grounded by relevance, driven by our clients' goals.

We truly are ecstatic about the projects we partner on!

X-Static Media Group was founded in 2000 as a custom web design company in Orlando, Florida, by Marty True. Shortly after launching the company, it quickly grew from just building websites to a full-service digital marketing agency.

Since its inception, the company has gone through several iterations, from being a small company with just a couple staffers to a larger version with 27 employees in four offices, across four countries.

Fast forward to 2016 and another iteration led it to become a 100% distributed company, with leadership based in Miami Beach, Florida, partnering on amazing projects all over the world. This "real estate" savings is passed directly to our partners.

With our roots in digital, we've transitioned to become a highly-integrated digital marketing agency, adding tons of value to our clients with complete value sets.

It is our sincere mission to bring our bold ideas and diverse skills to our clients, to effectively communicate brand messaging while collecting insightful data. We often go outside traditional boundaries and are not afraid to test new waters.

We are dedicated to delivering aggressive, personalized, and integrated service to all our clients; all with the highest level of customer service possible.

We pledge to dive deep with our clients to find everything they know (and don't know) about the campaign or project that we're proposing.

As an entrepreneur himself, Marty True has and understands the perspective of what it takes to win in business. He takes that entrepreneurial drive into every project, with every client; to help solve their most critical problems through technology and an effective strategy.

As a consultant, he values the importance of always listening and learning because having the information, knowledge and insight is what enables him to truly help people with their communication needs, digital strategies and ultimately help them solve their business problems.

As an avid reader, he has a saying that "if your TV is bigger than your library, you're not feeding your mind the best diet possible".

Marty has a passion for life, learning, and being of service to people any way he can.

First and foremost, our number one goal and the reason we're in business, is because we desire and believe that we can add value to your business through our skills, experience, and values. More than just a cool name, we truly are ecstatic about partnering with companies and helping them solve their business problems through our highly-integrated value sets.

Our clients choose us because we deliver and because we're not afraid to crawl into small, scary spaces where other agencies tend to stay away from. We provide high value solutions that drive business growth for the companies we partner with. For larger organizations, we serve as an agency partner by aligning strategy with execution and working in tandem with your in-house teams. By nurturing a highly collaborative environment, we're able to rapidly prototype concepts for innovative and effective solutions that win.

After working with Marty and the awesome team at X-Static Media Group, I have renewed faith in working with a digital agency again..
The work from X-Static Media Group is top of the line, deadlines are always met and clients' expectations are always fulfilled. I am very picky about whom I recommend but have referred many of my own clients to X-Static. They have always left happy and their projects have ALWAYS turned out amazing.