Remote Working

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You've Been Benefitting from Remote Workers All Along!

Working with remote employees, freelancers, or completely distributed companies as contractors (like us) has been written about many times. This article seeks to give you a bit of a new perspective on "remote workers"...

Whether you're a CEO, a VP, a Director, a Manager, or even a sole proprietor of a small business, you have absolutely benefited from "remote work". You're probably saying "I've never hired a remote contractor or let any of my employees work remotely" but you'd be wrong. You, yourself, have been a "remote worker"...

Ok, let's deconstruct this thought.

Full Service Agency Model is Dead

While the digital media and web design industry is thriving and has no end in sight, the traditional full-service agency model is severely broken.  The paradigm is starting to shift but it has a ways to go yet.  The new model, that is the direction agencies should be shifting to, is co-creation and collaboration.