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These are the services/technologies that we can deliver through our in-house resources.

Our experienced developers are capable of building some of the most complex, yet user-friendly solutions in the industry. We build technology to improve your existing digital channels and innovate new ideas to identify your needs, build you an optimal solution, and provide training and support long after your project is finished

If we had to pick one thing that we are absolutely the best at, it has to be high-end web development.  While we do have developers that can create websites in other technologies, we have a special love for the Drupal framework as it allows us to rapidly prototype and securely deploy websites in the SMB space as well as in the enterprise space.  The Drupal framework is capable of that range of complexity as well is our team also highly capable up to enterprise-level.
In the mobile app space, our team will almost always go to HTML5 as their preferred technology however we also have in-house resources that are capable of developing native iOS and Android mobile apps.  With an HTML5 framework such as Ionic, we can build highly enriched and dynamic mobile apps that can not only be deployed to all app stores simultaneously but elements in the app can be managed by a back-end portal, allowing real-time changes in the app, on the fly.
Often times, once we've had a chance to sit with a new client to discuss their idea and help to build a strategy for them, it is determined that a web app is more appropriate than a traditional mobile app.
We love to help strategize with our clients!  There's nothing better than spinning up a Webex with a client across the country and getting intimate with their ideas. We love to help craft a client's plan that will take their thoughts/needs from a business problem to a complete technology solution!
When we design a system's architecture, we follow the best coding practices, development approach, and deployment methodology. Our team has a vast understanding of relevant practices, coding, markup, and style languages (PHP, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, LESS, and SCSS).
We can migrate any data from any platform. We study the legacy structure, map the data, and preserve all URLs.
Third party applications are integral to a medium or enterprise project. We have a great deal of experience integrating external applications and complex systems like CRM's, Inventory Management, Intranets and others.
Our training coordinator works with you to enable your internal staff on how to work with the solution we build for your company. We ensure you are satisfied with the solutions we build and your content management team is trained in managing your applicaiton.
There's nothing more frustrating than having a great idea/project derailed simply because it is not being managed properly. We put a lot of value on making sure a project is kept on budget, on schedule and on scope - while also having the flexibility, through using agile methodologies, to introduce new ideas along the journey.


We pride ourselves in the use of great tools and a solid process, to best manage all our projects.


We pride ourselves in the code we write so it's not good when it somehow gets lost, overwritten or simply impeeds someone else from working on the same project.  All projects we develop are done so with version control software (GIT) so that there is always a safe repository of our code and it also speeds deployment by using CI (continuous integration) technologies along with it.
Using a CI tool, such as Jenkins® allows us to quickly and constantly deploy quality-tested code, without our developers having to wait for a system administrator to "push" their code for them.  Server security is such that it is bad practice to "give the keys" to everyone so by automating the deployment process, everything stays safe, secure and lightning fast.
Software development and issue/bug tracking is impossible to do properly without having great tools to manage and track the work being done.  We utilize the Atlassian Suite of products, including Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket Server and Sourcetree.
For our smaller clients, we have dedicated Peer1 web servers that we provide hosting on but when possible, we always prefer to utilize our cloud hosting partner Pantheon - especially for medium to enterprise clients.
We take UX (user experience) and CX (customer experience) very seriously - so much that we have a CXO (Chief Experience Officer) on staff to ensure that we are doing everything possible to provide the best CX to our customers so that they are providing the best UX to their users.
Not only do we provide excellent customer service to support our existing clients, we also provide clients that have found themselves in a pickle because their former web company or developer has left them in a bad spot. Our web engineers are particularly skilled at diving in to a project and quickly familiarizing themselves with the inner workings of the rescue project, therefore allowing us to rapidly get the project back on track.!

Breakdown of Focus

Just to give you an idea of where we spend most of our time

Website Development

Mobile App Development

Web App Development

Strategy Consulting

X-Static Media Group is Miami Beach's premier web design and digital agency, delivering best-in-class digital strategies and web-as-a-service. Our unique approach provides much more value than other traditional agencies.

We are true technology partners to our beloved clients and agency partners.

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