Whether it's managing the media and communications for a major company crisis, preparing to launch a new product,

or any other business problem that needs solved by communicating with the public and the media... 

X-Static Media Group uses a highly-integrated approach to evaluate, strategize, craft, and deliver the message.


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The time-tested power of classic publicity has proven to be a integral tactic of building positive brand alignment with the public.

We first strategize with our partners to identify what the goals are of the publicity campaign and then once we determine the goals, we build a strategy for our storytellers to run with.

We collect all your successes and testimonials, hand them off to our content experts, where they turn them into amazing stories. Once the story is crafted, we then disseminate the stories to our network of media outlets.

Also, as a part of our media relations service, when you list us as your public relations agency of record, then we field all incoming media inquiries/requests, including requests for interviews, etc.

Crisis Communication is becoming more and more necessary as of late. With movements like Time's Up and #NoMore; major product recalls, with high-profile circumstances; or any other major (negative) issue that has been in the media lately, having a capable partner to manage communications for you is critical.

Also under the purview of crisis management is reputation management. We are a society that runs on reviews ratings now. According to Forbes, 90% of consumers check online reviews before visiting a business and 68% make purchase decisions based on those reviews. We help manage our partners' reputation by using deep-reaching tools that allow us to "hear" when people are talking about them and we monitor those conversations for anything negative/credible. Then as soon as we see/hear something that could affect reputation, we can quickly respond to it so that it doesn't go much further.

Outside of reputation management where we're "listening" to consumers for any negative chatter, we're also listening for other reasons too...

When we partner with companies for long-term campaigns, usually we are engaging for a goal that has to do, as least somewhat, with how their brand interacts with their target audience/market.

Once we have done our deep dive discovery session to flesh out what the strategy and goals are going to be, we immediately go to work identifying all the relevant places where your audience will be (both physical and virtual) and then we craft ways to hang out in those places and learn as much as we can about how your audience is behaving and then take that data and digest it into something that we can then utilize to begin or further your overall strategy or even to have the foresight to create something new for them.

If you or your company would potentially ever be in a position where someone would be interviewed, we can help with that!

In addition to fielding the requests for interviews and researching the organizations/individuals that are making the requests, we can also help to form the questions to be asked, and help you prepare your answers to those questions. We can further help to establish guidelines for the interviewer and even draft an appearance rider if you are traveling to the interviewer's location.

Every successful endeavor starts with a solid strategy and a roadmap of how you're going to go from start to HELL YES!

Whether you are a retail business or not, we take an omnichannel approach to your PR strategy. Due to our background in digital and in copywriting and content development, we feel that it would be a disservice to our partners if we approached things in any other way than fully and highly-integrated with all channels of marketing.

Technically, the PR Toolbox is a part of strategy but we thought it deserved its own space to highlight how important it is...

Since media relations and publicity are often tied to a sensitive timeline, it is critical to have certain pre-conceived and pre-designed tools ready to deploy really quickly. These tools are stand-alone, print, or broadcast-ready materials that can be immediately disseminated directly to media for publication or broadcast.

Some of the tools in this toolbox include:

  • Boilerplate
  • Press/Media Kit
  • Media Advisories
  • Radio PSA Copy
  • Produced Radio Spots
  • Produced Television Spots
  • Category Press Releases (e.g., Zika, Hurricanes, etc.)

Having these (and other) pre-developed assets can quickly mitigate crises when they happen, or just show that you're on top of your media and community relations.

Quick Tip

Value Proposition

Are you articulating your value proposition in the best possible way? This is surprisingly an area that is often overlooked by so many organizations but the bottom line is... Your value proposition needs to be clear and it needs to kick ass!

The value proposition is not a tagline or a slogan, it is a very brief and concise message that tells your potential customers why they should choose you over your competition. It also sets the precedent for the future relationship they will have with your brand. Don't overlook this all-important piece of communication! 


Meet Up

First we meet, to make sure we're a fantastic fit for you and you are a fantastic fit for us as well.



If we're a great fit, next we deep dive with you to pull out all the inner-genius to be used later ;)



After our brain-drain, we go hard-in-the-paint on putting together a solid strategy.