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Website Development

Our web developers have enterprise-level capabilities but we develop really cool stuff for small-medium companies too.

Mobile App Development

From the basic mobile app to the most complex you can dream, our mobile team can get it done!

Web App Development

In addition to websites and mobile apps, our team of developers also can deliver best-in-class web apps too.

Digital Strategy

Above all else, we want to help you develop and execute a comprehensive and cohesive digital strategy!

Web-as-a-Service (WaaS)

The traditional website design/development model is severely flawed.  A company's website is often one of their most vital marketing and functional tools that they have in their entire organization. So as important as the website is, the practice of hiring an agency to create a fixed scope of work and pay a large single capital investment once and then when it's delivered (most times late, out of scope and over budget), the agency is "done" and the customer is stuck with a stagnant website for 2-5 years.

Whether the website works for that 2-5 years is yet to be seen but if there are things that don't work, then how will you know?  And if you can figure out a way to know if it's not working (like low conversions) then what is your plan to change or improve things - short of having a new website developed?

In the WaaS model, we design the website with two phases -

  1. What is needed for the MVP (minimum viable product) website?
  2. What are the "wish list" items that can be implemented after launch, over time?

Professional websites that provide functionality and are used as business tools can cost anywhere from $5,000 - $50,000 and above.  In the traditional model of web development, you would commission an agency to build you a website and they charge you a one-time fee of $20,000 to build the website.  You stuff all your wants and desires into a scope of work and then the agency goes to work building that.  If along the way you change your mind on any features or designs, then it causes delays, extra costs and quite honestly makes the developers irritated because they are working towards a hard deadline.  Then after it is finally to a point where delivery is acceptable and you launch, then your and the agency's relationship is typically over.  You pay final payment and they go on to the next client's project and you are left with a "product" that you hope is everything you needed and works as you and your advisors thought it would.

Guess what - that never happens!  You will find over time, sooner or later, that some things in your website just are not working to solve your business problems like you thought it would and you have no idea what is actually happening on your website because you are not in the "internet marketing" business and likely don't have the knowledge and tools to get detailed insights of what your users are doing on your website and how you could change things (if you were willing to pay for more development hours).

This is where our new concept of "Web-as-a-Service" (WaaS) comes into play.  With our model, there is no longer "scope creep" that creates negative attitudes between the agency and the customer.  There are no late launches and best of all - you will almost never go over budget.

Another area that most traditional website builds don't even include are on-going marketing assets.  What are marketing assets?  Well, your website, your blog, your emails lists - all of these (and others) are your marketing assets and they need to be refined and improved as trends and goals shift.

With the WaaS model, we're not just simply breaking up the cost of the website over monthly payments, we are adding a huge amount of value by providing on-going service each month to test how the website is performing to its visitors.  Using technologies like Heat Mapping to visually see where your visitors are clicking most, we can make adjustments to the content/functionality based on real visual data.  Using various qualitative research and analytics tools, we can recommend user-centric website improvements. Using A/B testing methods and tools, we can help to optimize user conversion in your website.


Our Process

Our amazing features & services and others listed below


Every successful partnership begins with meeting those with whom you are putting your trust in.  Whether it is a physical meeting or a virtual one, it is what sets the precedent!


Once we've met and had a chance to do a bit of discovery and "spit-balling", we take what we learned and go back to the team start developing a strategy to translate into our plan of action.


Design is another important step in the overall process as it is an extension of not only the quality of the project but how people "feel" about your brand.  We're a visual species so if your project is poorly designed, it can negatively affect your brand and project more than you realize.


This is where things start to get really fun!  Once we've got all the plans carefully laid out and the brilliant designers have created a visual blueprint to go by... our team of world-class developers get to work and bring your project to life.


Launch day is always an intense day... You are relieved that it is finally finished but at the same time, because you always want it to be perfect, you're worried if you got every last bug fixed.


The next step in our process is what sets us apart from many other agencies. We strive to work with you after the launch, to provide on-going service and continually improve based on the metrics we establish for success of your project.

What are you waiting for?

Let's talk about your project and see if we are a good fit for each other!


X-Static Media Group is Miami Beach's premier web design and digital agency, delivering best-in-class digital strategies and web-as-a-service. Our unique approach provides much more value than other traditional agencies.

We are true technology partners to our beloved clients and agency partners.

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