Web App Development

Web App Development

First, let us try to answer the question likely on your mind - what is the difference between website development and web app development or simply, what is the difference in a website vs a web app? A web app, in the context of what we do in our web app development services, is distinctively different from a typical website.  Below are a few charateristics of a webb app to help give an understanding of the differences.

A Web App typically is:

  • Action or task oriented rather than information oriented like a website
  • Lacks traditional navigation links like a website would have
  • Has a very rich and interactive user interface (UI)
  • Typically is not as image-centric like a website and uses more functional design elements
  • Creation vs Consumption - meaning that with a web app, you typically will be creating something whereas with a website, you often would only be consuming information
  • User Experience (UX) is always at the forefront of a web app while it may not necessarily be in a website (although we believe it should be also)
  • SEO - often times a web app does not need to be designed or developed with SEO in mind as it will be presented to a user base where a website is typically vying for position

There are many other differences but hopefully the above gives you a good idea of how the two are not the same.

We develop web apps in a variety of technologies and languages - mostly Java, Javascript and PHP.


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