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You've Been Benefitting from Remote Workers All Along!

Working with remote employees, freelancers, or completely distributed companies as contractors (like us) has been written about many times. This article seeks to give you a bit of a new perspective on "remote workers"...

Whether you're a CEO, a VP, a Director, a Manager, or even a sole proprietor of a small business, you have absolutely benefited from "remote work". You're probably saying "I've never hired a remote contractor or let any of my employees work remotely" but you'd be wrong. You, yourself, have been a "remote worker"...

Ok, let's deconstruct this thought.

What do you mean "business problems"?

In today's business landscape and with the insurgence of the start-up scene, we have been on a course of "disruptive" and game-changing efforts to make big impacts in just about every industry. As a part of those efforts, the focus has shifted from "create new ideas" to "let's solve the industry's most hindering problems".  This mentality is why you see so many companies (us included) changing their marketing languge from "we do this and we do that" to "we are solving our clients' business problems, through this and that".

WaaS Up!

The "as-a-service" (XaaS) model is growing into more and more applications every day, it seems.  What started mostly as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has been expanded into many other spaces such as hardware (HaaS), platforms (PaaS) and loads of other things.  This trend has inspired us to be a part of that expansion and create a hybrid of the "managed services" that has become the popular IT services model and our core services of web development.  So we're creating WaaS - Web-as-a-Service...